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Beverly Hills Wedding 2021
7.6 of 16

Beverly Hills Wedding

HD 5.50 84 min
Molly Machardy is a photographer in small town Hughes, Oregon, the business paying the bills being weddings despite her preference for portraiture, especially black and white candid shots which for her captures one's true emotions. She arguably has her biggest assignment when her younger sister Sophia Machardy and her childhood friend and long time sweetheart, blueberry farmer Jordan Cronin, get engaged, Molly this time in the role of maid of honor. Upon the passing of Molly and Sophia's mother years ago, Molly vowed to look after Sophia, without she realizing it at the expense of her own dreams. What Molly does not expect is the arrival back into town of Jordan's older brother, Cory Cronin, as best man. Cory is Molly's old boyfriend, the two who parted on bad terms when Cory left town, after, being much like Sophia and Jordan, best friends since childhood. As self-appointed wedding planner in wanting to put on a memorable wedding for Sophia regardless of Sophia and Jordan's tight budget, Molly is buoyed to learn that her submission on their behalf, which she did not tell them beforehand, won wedding planner to the stars Terrence Roquefort's annual contest of an all expenses paid wedding in Beverly Hills on Valentine's Day in six weeks. In dealing with Terrence, Molly felt that the planning phase in Beverly Hills would get her away from Cory, without she realizing as best man he is also involved. As Molly and Cory spend time together in Beverly Hills, they not only bury the hatchet, but start to fall for each other all over again. Their path to a second time around may hit the roadblock of this Beverly Hills wedding as Terrence, who has to please his vendors, is focused more on an upscale wedding to Molly's taste and not Sophia and Jordan's more simple wants, Molly who may not be able to see how she is overtaking the process with Terrence.


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